Hi Fin,
I hope all is well and your enjoying your summer.
Fin can you just confirm my total Holiday Fund that I have? I will be claiming those now, therefore my account can be closed coming September.
I just want to thank you for all your support that you have given me. It has been such a pleasure to have you as my consultant. You have been great throughout!
Kindest Regards

Wahida K / Contractor / UK

I use 6cats as an umbrella
company, having previously used CXC global.
The service from 6cats is
exceptional. All the staff are very polite and efficient.
Today, I noticed a missed payment so called the office and
spoke to George. Within a couple of hours, as promised he
resolved the issue and called to update
You have an excellent team
of hard working loyal staff: Well done
Kind regards
Paul V / Contractor / UK

Hi all,
Please find attached my final time sheet.
Especially thanks to everyone at JDR and 6Cats, it has been a pleasure working with you.
Heather, thank you for expediting my pay after all of the difficulties we have been through.
It is greatly appreciated by me and my Family!
Again, thank you everyone,

Tom B / Contractor / UAE

Dear Casey and

Dear Azim,

You are great / excellent = thank you for your support and I try to represent your companies good.

Best regards and

Have a nice evening



Lothar L / Contractor / Belgium

Thanks for your advice and support Claire.

Ian / Contractor / Germany

Hi Fin,

Many thanks, the completed form is attached. And may I take this opportunity to thank you personally for providing an excellent level of service to me over the past year.   You have been incredibly approachable and helpful throughout.                                                                                        It has been very reassuring for me to know that I could rely on you consistently while working for various teaching agencies or being off sick.


SC / Contractor / UK

You’re so fab, thank you!

Mela / Contractor / UK

Big shout out to Jon at 6cats and Gail and Compliance team here.

Really appreciate the advice and support recently given re Germany. Ensured we closed the deal, and client is very pleased they got their guy. Our perception and value has improved greatly not just because we sourced a very niche talent, but we managed the compliancy and deal correctly and professionally.

So big thanks Jon. Well worth a positive shout out to you.

Lee Wilsher, Phaidon International

Director – Emerging Markets, Contracts

Lee Wilsher / Director - Emerging Markets, Contracts / London

Wahooo!  🙂 Is that arriving today too? Yep, I am now permie at ******** – so unlikely I’ll work with 6cats in the near future but will definitely recommend you guys to other contractors. Super helpful, really appreciate the pain you guys have had to put up with & help you’ve provided. Thanks again for your help & all the best ! 🙂


Matt K / Contractor / Netherlands

Thank you Amber,

Very comfortable for me receiving these comments from your side.

Its a small SAP APO world, so don’t  hesitate we will find you again and I will very glad to be in contact with you.

We will find you in LinkedIn, now you are one of my contacts.

I am grateful to you for the understanding of mi personal situation.

Also, the best luck for you and your family.

Thank you very much.


Raul R / Contractor / Mexico