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The pandemic changed a lot of working practices in our world and one of the biggest impacts was that it forced companies to adapt to survive. Part of this was the absolute need to embrace the utilisation of remote workers as a way of continuing trading.  At first this was alien to many businesses, as it forced them outside their comfort zones, but soon it began to create real opportunities.  As we have emerged from the pandemic, more and more companies have become open to engaging remote workers both on a temporary and permanent basis.  Since the majority of countries in developing and emerging economies are suffering skill shortages, engaging remote workers has become significantly more attractive. Especially as obtaining work permits, for workers to operate in-country, is usually an arduous and lengthy process.

At 6CATS we are still seeing high demand from recruitment businesses and companies wanting to engage remote workers, as contractors or permanent employees, utilising Employer of Record (EoR) and we anticipate this will continue and grow.

As a recruitment business or end-hirer engaging remote workers, it is important to make sure you are working with the right partner who can advise on the correct compliant engagement structures in the country where the remote worker is based.  It is not an option simply to pay the worker in the hope or understanding they will declare their income and pay tax.  The Criminal Finances Act 2017(CFA) makes every party in the chain responsible for ensuring the worker is being paid compliantly and that there is no risk of tax avoidance.  This liability cannot be flowed down in a contract, and claiming ignorance will not protect your business from the risk of non-compliance.  The CFA makes all parties responsible regardless of where you are based or what the contract states.

This is where 6CATS International can assist, with solutions in over 80 countries, in-depth knowledge and experience of placing contractors and remote workers internationally and an exceptional level of customer service that has seen us win multiple awards.  We are the partner of choice for engaging remote workers.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • The option to engage remote workers in over 80 countries as contract workers
  • The option to engage permanent workers utilising EoR in more than 40 countries
  • Compliant engagement structures
  • Compliance indemnity where our solutions are used
  • Detailed consultation with one of our compliance consultants to ensure the engagement is correct
  • A bespoke and high-touch customer service for remote worker engagements and on-boarding, provided by our friendly and experienced team
  • Dedicated single point of contact for your worker ensuring the best customer experience.
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Payment schedules – giving your remote workers payment assurance.
  • Accurate and fast payment structures
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring and documented evidence of compliance
  • A partner that can provide in-depth advice and support on placing remote workers
  • Insurance & healthcare packages
  • Simple easy to follow process

If you require any of the above services, please speak with one of the team today.

6CATS International is the leading supplier for recruitment businesses and companies that need a trusted partner to support their compliance and remote worker engagement needs.

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