Michelle Reilly, CEO

From receptionist to CEO, through hard work, determination and an absolute passion for what we do.  Just over 20 year ago I was lucky enough to fall into a job as a receptionist for a contractor management company and the penny just dropped. Within 8 weeks, I’d negotiated a new role and I never looked back. Since I can remember I’ve loved finding solutions to problems and finding ways to make things work. To some people tax compliance may sound boring but when you mix it with researching and finding solutions for most of the countries in the world and providing high levels of service to a fast paced and dynamic industry that employs some of the most unique, fun and extraordinary personalities I don’t believe could be found in any other industry, I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

A born and bred Essex girl, I tried living in Singapore for a year but missed the buzz of Essex, London and working alongside the UK recruitment industry. In 2009 I joined CXC Global to set-up the EMEA region. Within two years I’d grown the company significantly and we were fast becoming the leading contractor management company for the EMEA region. Not long after I got the opportunity to acquire CXC’s UK umbrella company and bring it under the EMEA business, restructuring the business and transforming the whole business process.

Then in November 2016 I led a management buyout to purchase the EMEA business from the CXC group and from that 6CATS was created. So why 6CATS? well during my 20 years in the industry I have been privileged to work with some of the most skilled people in our sector and over the last 5 years some of those people decided to join our business and now we have a board of 6 of the most knowledgeable and skilled people in our sector. The CATS idea started when one of our directors suggested our name should be something to do with CATS because Michelle is a bit of a crazy cat lady! Whilst obviously not flattered by this it did have something and we did quickly come up with Compliance Advice & Tax Solutions and so here we are as 6CATS.

Never forgetting all the steps it took to get me where I am today, I remain hands on in the business and work closely with all of our team. I feel privileged to work with such a dedicated and hard working team who share the passion to be one of the best service providers in our industry. There’s never a dull day at 6CATS and even when times are challenging the team has the ability to pull together and see it through. We really believe, work hard and be nice goes a long way!

I guess working in an industry for nearly half of your life does make it become a huge part of your life, I met my future husband through my job, I’ve made life long friends and it’s certainly encouraged my urge and need to travel. Of course there’s life outside of 6CATS satisfying the wanderlust, cooking far more tasty food than is needed for boisterous dinner parties and taking the time to spend quality time with the people that mean the most to me. I guess my 3 cats who originally inspired the 6CATS name deserve a mention but crazy cat lady, nah that’s not me!

Location: City of London
Tel: +44(0)20 7374 5032
Email: michelle@6catsint.com

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