Kirsty Henning, Finance Director

When I was recruited by Graham back in 2014 to join Michelle’s team I had no idea of the adventure I was about to begin.  Labelled as an ‘accountant’ working in finance can often be thought of as dull and mundane but since joining this business I can honestly say there has not been a routine day to speak of.  I began my career on the graduate scheme of a large blue-chip organisation, but the bureaucracy and slow-pace was not for me and as soon as I passed my CIMA exams I moved to a much smaller company.  I have worked across a few different industries building my finance career and it took a while to understand what ‘contractor management’ encompassed, but 3 years on I have been converted and when Michelle asked me to join the MBO and become Finance Director my immediate answer was yes!  Being a small team the role of FD covers a lot more than just number crunching and supporting more than 8 international companies means I never know where my head might be next.

I am mummy to 2 gorgeous little girls so home-life is also a whirlwind at times, juggling their endless activities, school events and mastering the art of French plaits while simultaneously brushing teeth!  Life can get hectic and yes I do plan the week on a spreadsheet, but my kids make me proud every day and I wouldn’t change a thing.  6CATS is a very family-focussed company and supportive of flexible working which enables me to have what I think is the best of both worlds: a job I love and time to be a proper parent.

I am also a massive UK Garage fan, so when I’m not running round after numbers or children I take any opportunity to bust some moves to the old skool tunes.  My fellow board members are not so keen and our music tastes are as diverse as our areas of expertise.  We each bring something different to the management of 6CATS and together form a strong leadership team.  As FD my role is to ensure we maintain a positive cash-flow and continue to grow a profitable business.  The team are very passionate about what we do and it’s important they understand the impact of their hard work on the bottom line and success of the company.

The biggest threat to our business is changes to legislation.  In 2015 we had to totally revise our UK umbrella pricing model but with careful planning, endless forecasting and cost control we finished 2016 with very little impact on our bottom line.  The financial forecast for 6CATS looks exciting, we have a great team in place and as 6CATS we are now able to focus on the agency business where our passion lies.  In the words of DJ Luck & MC Neat: “Ain’t no stopping us, no-one does it better”.

Location: City of London
Tel: +44(0)20 7374 5027

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