Heather Grafton, Operations Manager & Executive Support

After working with Top Cat Michelle for many years previously, I scratched down her door when the opportunity came up to lead the Operations function & provide Executive Support at 6CATS. Heading up the Contractor Care teams I endeavour to instil the fundamentals of communication, honesty and empathy into the contractor care offering. I lead a great team of dedicated Contractor Care Consultants in providing the industry standard in customer service to over 1000 contractors and 250 agencies across the world. Specialising in creating efficient and streamlined processes, I ensure contractors have a great experience from on-boarding to project completion under the management of my team.

So why is it so great working at 6CATS? What makes it such a great company? Could it be the themed fancy dress days, watching your colleague explain a solution dressed as Wimbledon ball boy, the endless made up reasons to have cake in the office, or even the completely over the top way in which we celebrate Christmas (Songs start playing strictly on the 1st December and the Xmas buffet runs for a whole month). Yes these are all things that make us smile like the proverbial Cheshire cat, but moreover we are a tight knit family who help and assist each other in providing an outstanding service to clients and contractors alike. We have a passion for being compliant, being honest and we have a no nonsense, positive approach to all that comes our way. Everyone here wants to help and that’s what sets us apart.

It’s hard to drag myself away from all these lovely people and contractors, but when I do I like to explore the world and last year I covered Norway, France, Spain and Thailand. I am a big fan of a road trip and seeing what new adventure comes my way.  As I enter the midlife crisis phase of my life, the panic has brought on a love for exercise and I train 4 times a week to maintain my supermodel figure. A natural organiser I love to sort out events and group outings for friends. I also love Eighties TV programmes and as Rose from Golden Girls once said “Your life doesn’t have to be dull, it’s up to you to make it interesting”. No day at 6CATS is dull, and personally I am aiming for the same.

Location: City of London
Tel: +44(0)20 7374 5031
Email: heather@6catsint.com

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