Meet Stefanie and Amy – our dynamic duo of directors!

Stef and Amy - 6CATS Directors

27th July 2023

Meet Stefanie and Amy – our dynamic duo of directors!

What can we say about Stefanie Cook, our brilliant Sales Director and Amy Dunn, our incredible Operations Director, that we haven’t said already (maybe we don’t sing their praises enough!). We’re extremely proud of how they have both risen through the ranks at 6CATS, modelling the leadership behaviours that we hold dear, both deservedly rising to director level at the same time.

Let’s find out more about our two wonder women and role models, their stellar career trajectories and the secrets to their success. And most importantly, why they love working for 6CATS! Here are some of the key highlights but don’t forget to watch the video below for the full story.

Career progression

Having joined 6CATS in 2018, Stefanie’s progress has been nothing short of sensational. Initially hired as business development manager within our sales team, she left us in no doubt about the levels of her ambition and intentions from the start. And in a relatively short space of time, her hard work and talent paid off, gaining multiple promotions along the way to her current position as Sales Director. “I made it very clear at the beginning of my journey that I was very ambitious and that I wanted progression. My goal was always to have my own team and look after the sales team,” she says with a glint of pride and a big smile.

Business exposure

Amy’s journey started eight years earlier in 2010, having come to 6CATS as a 16-year-old looking to gain work experience. She never left and that experience has skyrocketed over the past 13 years. She has worked across many different parts of the organisation, initially on the contractor care team before moving across to sales, where she and Stefanie crossed paths and worked closely together. She explains more about the two key teams (having managed both) and the critical roles they play at 6CATS. “The compliance team are the core of our business. They speak to our partners so that they’re keeping those relationships, making sure that all of our contractors are compliant. The contractor care team provide the customer service, looking after the needs of our contractors.”

Learning and caring

Starting out in the contractor care team provided the launchpad for Amy to shine. “It’s a great place to learn because you pick up knowledge from both all sides, so you get an understanding of compliance and on some aspects of sales as well. Because you need to understand where they’ve come from, how they got to this position and why we need certain documents for certain countries.” Stefanie echoes the importance of learning, one of the six company core values. “I love every single day of my journey at 6CATS but I know there’s a long way to go. There’s so much more that I’ve got to give, so we go through mentoring but there’s still tons more to learn,” she adds.

Mutual respect

A special bond has developed between the two during their time at 6CATS and they have come to rely on each other as trusted advisers and friends (you can see how well they get along and know each other in the video!). That mutual admiration was forged during earlier parts of their careers when Amy took care of all the contractor sign-ups, “making sure the sales team are doing the right thing” as Stefanie puts it. “Whipping them into shape if they need” is Amy’s interpretation!

Shared accomplishments

What has been special about both their paths at 6CATS is that their careers have been intertwined and it is clear for all to see how much they enjoy working together: “We did it together, which has been absolutely fantastic, so the last couple of years has been lots of mentoring and learning and development personally and professionally. But the whole journey has been with Amy, which has been absolutely amazing,” beams Stefanie.

Lots of hard work, drive, dedication and a desire to continually learn – these have been the fundamental ingredients to rapid career development and progress for the two. And at the heart of everything, an unwavering commitment and passion to provide the highest levels of service to all our customers.

Amy and Stefanie, you lead by example and are an inspiration to everyone at 6CATS.

You can discover more about their career stories in the video here

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