Latest Contractor Travel Updates

Contractor travel updates

8th September 2020

It’s certainly been an interesting year for us all and the last six months or so have been trying to say the least. But there appears to be some progression being made in the attempt to return to normal. Lockdown restrictions are gradually easing worldwide and while there’s certainly still a long way to go, the fact the cross-border movement is being allowed in some areas is certainly encouraging. But things are changing rapidly, and professionals seeking overseas work need to be aware of the latest requirements in their chosen location. Here’s the latest contractor travel updates.

Note: this information is correct as of 4th September. Please check for the most recent updates before travelling.

Developments across Europe

With Covid-19 numbers varying across Europe, local authorities have implemented varying degrees of travel restrictions. According to, the following rules apply across parts of Europe:

  • Belgium is currently restricting entry to all travellers from non-EEA countries, apart from Swiss and UK visitors. Belgium citizens can travel to the destination from any banned location but will face potential quarantine.
  • Encouragingly, Bulgaria’s borders are now open to most European countries, though cases continue to rise in the destination.
  • Anyone planning to visit Croatia from the EU, EEA and the UK will find they are now able to travel to the country without limitation. Anyone wishing to pay a visit from other locations will need to apply for an entry pass.
  • In Czechia, travellers from the country’s low-risk destination list can visit without quarantining – check the local government website for the full outline of these locations.
  • Denmark’s borders are now open for those arriving from most countries in Europe, but anyone travelling from outside the EU or Schengen region will face restrictions.
  • In order to limit the spread of the virus, France has screening regulations in place for anyone arriving into the country by air. If you’re travelling to the location via plane, you will need to sign a ‘sworn statement’ that certifies you are not suffering from any symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone with the virus in the two weeks prior to travel.
  • You are not permitted to travel to Iceland unless you are a national of an EEA Member State, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City, or the United Kingdom.
  • If you have travelled through Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Kosovo, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Oman, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Serbia in the last two weeks, you will not be permitted to enter Italy.
  • Anyone travelling to Luxembourg will be required to present a negative Coronavirus PCR medical certificate that has been issued within 72 hours before departure.
  • As the country continues to report a resurgence of Covid-19 cases, Montenegro has limited entry to foreign travellers until mid-September. Exceptions to this rule include nationals and their immediate family, those with an approved visa or residency permit, and any diplomatic, humanitarian or transit flights.
  • Despite being marked as one of Europe’s Coronavirus hotspots, the Netherlands is now allowing entry into the country to anyone arriving from an EU or Schengen location.
  • In Poland, while cases of the virus are rising, its borders are now open to travellers from the following locations: the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

Restrictions remain in place across parts of Asia

Across Asia, where spikes in cases are being reported, restrictions have been put back in place. Here are some of the contractor travel updates in the region that you should be aware of:

  • Foreign nationals who have been in any location other than China, Taiwan or Macau two weeks before travelling will not be granted entry to Hong Kong.
  • Strict restrictions remain in place in India except for any repatriation or humanitarian flights as authorities continue to battle with increased Covid numbers.
  • Japan’s ‘denial of permission to entry list’ is regularly updated and should be checked before travelling. The full overview can be found here.
  • Only Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan passport holders may travel to China.
  • In Singapore, foreign nationals will need prior government approval to travel to the destination.
  • Malaysia has also limited travel movements and currently only allows its citizens or residents and their family members to entry the country. Students and some categories of skilled workers are also allowed to travel here.

Contractor travel update: Argentina flight routes

At the end of last month, legal immigration firm, CSM Globals, reported that requests had been made to Argentina’s National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) to increase airline routes to the destination in September and October. Crucially, these flights would not be available for tourism and would instead be limited exclusively to the country’s citizens and foreign nationals with special visa permits such as essential workers, residents and temporary workers. Anyone able to access these additional routes would need an exceptional authorisation issued by the National Authority.

Stay safe, stay compliant

There’s no doubt that contractors are facing continued uncertainty as spikes in Covid-19 leads to border re-closures while some locations continue to relax travel restrictions. However, regardless of what lies ahead in relation to the pandemic, there’s one element of contractor opportunities that won’t change: the need to be compliant.

No matter where in the world you’re operating, staying on the right side of tax and employment legislation in your destination of work and home country is key. A simple administrative mistake could have a significant financial cost to you or even lead to prosecution. That’s why it’s important that contractors not only access the latest travel updates, but also seek expert compliance advice.

At 6CATS International, our team of experts have the experience and access to local knowledge to keep you compliant no matter where in the world you are working. So, why not let them handle your tax concerns?

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