What does the Luxembourg tax crackdown mean for international contractors?

Friday 30th August 2019

Luxembourg, a destination long accused of being a tax haven, has recently ratcheted up efforts to stop evasion. Despite being one of the smallest nations in the world, the country is the second richest on earth, and home to one of the most prolific financial services sectors in Europe, so it’s no surprise that it’s… [continue reading]

What effect will the NCA tax crackdown have on recruiters?

Tuesday 27th August 2019

It’s no secret that in the UK, authorities have been steadily getting tougher on tax and compliance. Whether through international agreements such as the Common Reporting Standard, domestic legislation such as the Criminal Finances Act 2017, or through cutting edge machine learning such as Connect, evading the law is becoming harder than ever. This is… [continue reading]

Are new technologies set to complicate contracting in Albania?

Friday 23rd August 2019

Once a territory dominated by war and poverty, Albania has made remarkable economic progress during the past three decades. In fact, over this period, the destination has grown from being one of the poorest nations in Europe into a middle-income country, with poverty declining by half. With continuing plans to join the European Union, the… [continue reading]

How is pressure from the EU set to affect contractor compliance in Ireland?

Monday 19th August 2019

Famed for its culture, history, and most importantly, Guinness, Ireland is a contracting hotspot, with the economy growing a staggering 8.2% in 2018, and a growing demand for skilled professionals across a number of sectors. However, despite this, the country has historically been labelled as a tax haven, offering some of the lowest corporate tax… [continue reading]

6 key compliance steps that recruitment businesses must take

Wednesday 14th August 2019

Are you an owner or key stakeholder in a recruitment business with international contractors operating in direct pay models or via 3rd party suppliers such as Umbrella/Payroll/Management companies? Are you fully aware of the compliance status of every contractor you are placing and your obligations vis-à-vis HMRC’s requirements of ‘Reasonable prevention procedures’ under the Criminal Finances Act… [continue reading]

Overseas contracting in the UAE made easier through new family sponsorship law

Tuesday 13th August 2019

The UAE, a land of skyscrapers, white beaches and palm shaped islands, is a famously attractive location for overseas contractors. In fact, in 2018’s HSBC expat explorer survey, the country was ranked as the fourth best place to work in the world, and was particularly renowned for its financial incentives, with 95% of expats receiving… [continue reading]

Relaxed business laws increase demand for contracting in Montenegro

Friday 9th August 2019

Montenegro, a small Mediterranean country – known for its perfect blend of gorgeous coastline and dramatic mountains – is also fast developing into a promising location for contractors. The country, currently in the process of economic transition and aspiring to join the EU, is receiving a lot of capital inflows from abroad and witnessing widespread… [continue reading]

Switzerland’s contractors and expats rank country as the best place in the world to work

Thursday 8th August 2019

A destination we have written extensively on, Switzerland is undeniably a contracting hotspot. As home to picturesque mountains, lakes and one of the world’s most advanced economies, it’s not hard to see why. Talent shortages in the region are opening up a lot of spaces for foreign workers, with a 2018 survey from the Adecco Group finding that… [continue reading]

India-Switzerland tax crackdown set to continue with increased data sharing

Wednesday 7th August 2019

Two contracting hotspots that we’ve written about a lot recently, India and Switzerland, have both individually been working hard to crack down on tax evasion and institute tougher compliance measures. Be it through the record breaking Swiss tax amnesty, or India’s cutting edge machine learning technology, it’s clear both nations are at the forefront of… [continue reading]

Pakistan tax compliance changes result in nearly $450 million of revenue

Tuesday 6th August 2019

As we’ve recently highlighted, Pakistan is heavily cracking down on tax and compliance. While the nation is a country on the up, with the 25th largest economy in the world, and listed as one of the Next Eleven countries set to become one of the biggest economies in the 21st century, it is besieged by tax evasion and other… [continue reading]