Belgian tax crackdown continues as country launches 3,600 tax evasion investigations

Friday 28th June 2019

While it may be famed for its beer and chocolate, in Belgium, contractors will also find a number of professional reasons to entice them. The destination is a hotspot for the pharmaceutical industry, with €2.89 billion invested in R&D in 2016, while financial services, data protection and cyber security professionals will also find there is… [continue reading]

Contractor Compliance in Pakistan set to become more complicated with new government measures

Tuesday 25th June 2019

While perhaps not the first destination that springs to mind for international contractors, Pakistan is a country on the up, with the 25th largest economy in the world, and identified as one of the Next Eleven countries with the potential to become one of the world’s largest economies in the 21st century. However, foreign talent is in high… [continue reading]

Italian Expat Tax Exemption Could Spell Increase In Contractor Demand

Friday 21st June 2019

Italy is a country that is extremely attractive to contractors, and with some of the best food, wine, and culture in the world, it’s hardly a surprise. Furthermore, according to the Human Development Index, the country enjoys a very high standard of living, and has the world’s 8th highest quality of life according to The Economist. If this wasn’t enough… [continue reading]

Tax authorities clamp down on cryptocurrency tax avoidance

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly clear that tax and compliance has been getting tougher around the globe, with Australia no exception. In fact, just recently, we wrote about how the government’s latest budget has given tax authorities vastly increased powers to crack down on evasion. This month, further reports have come out… [continue reading]

HMRC turns focus to businesses after record prosecutions

Friday 14th June 2019

As regular readers of our blog will know, we’re increasingly vocal about the aggressive stance that HMRC and global authorities are taking towards tax evasion. This has stemmed from a number of factors, such as expansion of their powers under the Criminal Finances Act 2017 (CFA), rapidly innovating technology such as Connect, HMRC’s big data program and… [continue reading]

6CATS Contractor Services Recognised with TALiNT International Award win

Tuesday 11th June 2019

At 6CATS, we pride ourselves on the hard work we do to provide world-class service to the international contracting industry, and are delighted when this gets recognised by our peers. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the news that we have won Best Company for Contractor Services at the TALiNT Recruitment Industry Supplier Awards! We’d… [continue reading]

Tax compliance in Germany continues to get stricter with raids nationwide

Friday 7th June 2019

Germany, one of the most vibrant and successful economies in the world, is a contracting hotspot. As the largest economy in Europe, the country is fertile ground for businesses and contractors alike. On top of this, the destination boasts a rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, not to mention some of the best beer in… [continue reading]

Global compliance crackdown continues as EU blacklist forces tax haven reforms

Monday 3rd June 2019

Reading through our blogs, you’ll notice a recurring message: international tax is getting stricter. For the last few years, authorities worldwide have been driving a global compliance crackdown in order to punish fraudulent behaviour. One body that has consistently taken action in this regard is the EU, whether it be through its member states, or with… [continue reading]