Contracting in Latvia is set to become more difficult as authorities impose stricter fines

Friday 26th April 2019

There can be no doubt that countries worldwide are focusing more than ever on tax evasion, and introducing stricter tax and compliance systems to claw back lost revenues. The latest nation to follow this trend is Latvia, with recent news from the region suggesting that lawmakers are going to be punishing those breaking the law… [continue reading]

Scrutiny from HMRC on overseas contractors continues to strengthen as tax evasion crackdown increases expat take eightfold

Friday 26th April 2019

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has certainly stepped up its game in the fight against tax evasion. As we’ve mentioned plenty of times before, the exchequer has been using a variety of new methods to tackle tax crime, from introducing legislation such as the Criminal Finances Act 2017, to psychological profiling, big data analysis, and trawling through… [continue reading]

Contractor compliance in India set to get more complicated with introduction of ‘Project Insight’

Thursday 18th April 2019

Similar to many other developed nations trying to claw back revenue from tax evaders, India has announced that it will be using big data in order to crack down on non-compliance. This is the latest in a number of such developments as authorities turn to tax technology to prevent fraud, with more and more software… [continue reading]

Australian compliance crackdown set to raise $3.6 billion

Monday 15th April 2019

In Australia, tax and compliance is about to get a lot tougher. The government’s latest budget, released last week, has given the Australian tax authority increased power to crack down on tax avoidance, with plans expected to raise upwards of $3.6 billion in lost funds. Australia has one of the most vibrant economies in the… [continue reading]

Contracting in Europe with a no deal Brexit: What will happen if we leave the EU this Friday?

Wednesday 10th April 2019

Here at 6CATS, like most of the country, we’ve been watching the tumultuous developments in Westminster, with the UK seemingly heading towards a no deal Brexit in just a number of days. In this climate, the fact that agencies are confused around what will happen with regards to contractors in the EU is understandable, and… [continue reading]

Changes to HMRC tax evasion strategy leads to offshore crackdown of 5.67m financial records

Friday 5th April 2019

At 6CATS, we actively monitor the latest developments and trends in global tax and compliance in order to provide the best possible service to clients. The fact is, around the world, the push towards tougher, more comprehensive tax systems is progressing fast. Somewhere this is patently obvious is in the UK, with HMRC recently taking advantage… [continue reading]

European lawmakers make fresh new tax haven accusation and urge end of golden visa schemes

Monday 1st April 2019

While the confusion around Brexit and Britain’s future relationship with the EU carries on with seemingly no end in sight, one thing is for sure – the global push for tougher tax systems is continuing on both sides. The EU, as we have mentioned numerous times, is one of the most aggressive bodies instigating tougher… [continue reading]