Poland’s cryptocurrency tax could impact contractors: here’s what you need to know

Friday 30th November 2018

Contractors need to be aware of the latest development of the cryptocurrency tax. As we’ve mentioned before, Poland has become a very attractive destination for contractors. The country’s cumulative GDP growth from 2008 to 2016 stands at an impressive 32.4%, and a recent McKinsey report referred to the destination as ‘Europe’s new growth engine’. However,… [continue reading]

The Future of Tax Technology

Monday 26th November 2018

Here at 6CATS, we’re always observing the latest developments in tax and compliance in order to provide the best service possible to clients. This week, an interesting piece in Financier Worldwide, ‘The Future of Tax Technology’ reflected on how authorities are embracing digital technology in the fight against tax evasion. The piece mentioned existing software… [continue reading]

French tax authorities set to catch tax-evaders through social media

Friday 23rd November 2018

It is clear from recent news that authorities across the globe are increasing efforts to target tax evasion and regain lost funds. Be it huge multinational corporations, small businesses, or independent contractors, more and more innovative methods are being employed by authorities to ensure the law is followed. Furthermore, with the introduction of the Common Reporting Standard, the speed at which information can be shared between international tax bodies has made it easier than ever to zero… [continue reading]

Where in the world: the latest tax news

Thursday 22nd November 2018

  Here at 6CATS, we are firmly embedded in the world of international tax and compliance and know first-hand how quickly things can change across borders. This makes it more important than ever to be diligent in keeping abreast of these changes. With that in mind, here is some of the latest news that Recruitment… [continue reading]

Choosing the right partner

Friday 16th November 2018

At 6CATS, we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the trends and changes across international markets – particularly when it comes to the compliance challenges that many firms are facing.  In fact, the outcome of a recent roundtable hosted by RealBusiness and WorldFirst truly resonated with us. Although the panel discussed barriers to international… [continue reading]

6CATS CEO Michelle Reilly takes homes Telegraph ‘Female Business Leader of the Year’ Award

Friday 16th November 2018

At 6CATS, we pride ourselves on delivering an award-winning service to agencies and contractors. As a result, it is always fantastic when this is recognised and we are delighted to announce that our CEO, Michelle Reilly, has taken home the prize for Female Business Leader of the Year at the prestigious 2018 Telegraph Trade Awards…. [continue reading]

Changes to Finnish tax cards: are you in the loop?

Friday 9th November 2018

As we mentioned in a recent blog, Finland hosts a wealth of opportunities for contract professionals. With a culture of innovation and a buoyant economy, it’s perhaps no wonder that freelance experts from multiple backgrounds look to this location for their next opportunity. However, for any professionals seeking to make a move to this destination… [continue reading]

Budget announcement creates more compliance concerns

Monday 5th November 2018

There’s no doubt that, for UK based agencies at least, the Chancellor’s latest Budget has been a key talking point. In particular, the announcement on IR35 is one that many recruiters working in the contractor placement sphere will have been keeping their eye on. IR35 and the private sector As a summary, Chancellor Philip Hammond… [continue reading]

Denmark loses its ‘squeaky-clean’ image

Friday 2nd November 2018

As we mentioned in our country guide not too long ago, Denmark holds huge potential for contract professionals. Known for having the best work-life balance in the world and a country that is noting impressive economic growth, it’s no wonder that so many expat professionals look to this location for their next opportunity. However, according… [continue reading]