Contractors seek expert advice

Contractors seek advice

26th October 2018

Here at 6CATS International we’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge of the complexities of international compliance with contract professionals seeking overseas opportunities. While, of course, it is always advisable to seek one-to-one advice given that everyone’s circumstances are different, we can certainly steer professionals in the right direction.

Contracting in Sri Lanka

In fact, in a recent advice piece for Contractor UK, our CEO, Michelle Reilly, took part in the publication’s ‘Contractor Questions’ guide. Here’s what she had to say on contracting in Sri Lanka:

“Tax and compliance in Sri Lanka can be a relatively complex landscape and although the project is only short, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Most importantly, if you are going to work in Sri Lanka, you will require a work permit. In order to obtain this, you must first have a local sponsor that will act as your employer for the duration of your contract. Once your work permit is in place, you will be paid as an employee in Sri Lanka by the company that sponsored your permit, with taxes deducted at source. In terms of how much this will likely be, total deductions from your income in relation to taxes will be around 33%.

“It’s important to be aware that working in Sri Lanka without a valid visa can be risky and can lead to deportation. We would strongly recommend that you speak with the company offering you the contract to find out whether they are able to assist with the work permit application and taxes in country.”

Seek expert advice

Our team of experts have a wealth of experience internationally and are able to help contractors stay on the right side of the law no matter where in the world they choose to operate. Whether you’re looking at a move across the EU or more further afield to the likes of Ghana, Sri Lanka or even Kuwait, we’re here for you. Contact us today.


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