Contracting in top global hotspots: a guide

contracting global destinations

5th October 2018

There’s no doubt that it is exciting to experience new opportunities overseas and sampling different cultures and lifestyles as a contractor is an ideal way to do just this. Of course, professionals also need to know what kinds of working conditions to expect as these vary considerably from country to country. Here’s what you need to know when looking to move to some of the top global destinations.


Known for having one of the strongest economies in Europe, it is no surprise that Germany is a popular destination for contractors.  Due to on-going skills shortages, there is currently particular demand for technology specialists, health professionals and engineers. However, work visas are becoming increasingly difficult for for non-EU contractors to obtain, , as authorities seek to control the country’s immigration figures.


Singapore is currently noting high demand for business and financial professionals, as well as infrastructure, construction and marketing consultants. But making a move to this destination for a job is complex. All non-nationals who intend to work in Singapore must have a valid employment pass before they start,.  The rules were changed some years ago to better ensure nationals were being utilised to fill roles, making the process more complex for non-nationals.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong businesses are keen to secure the skills of professionals across a range of specialisms. There’s notable demand for experts in sales, information technology, engineering, marketing and finance & accounting roles. Those highly-qualified contractors employed by a local sponsor will need a General Employment Policy visa, which is available for foreign professionals where the job cannot be filled locally.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE has the second-largest economy in the Arab world, and is often synonymous with luxury. There is current demand for professionals across a wide range of sectors, with finance analysts and auditors, architects, civil engineers, human resources professionals, corporate communications and product marketing managers finding their skills are keenly sought. Contractors with technological abilities are also in high demand, with particular need from businesses for software developers and cyber security experts. In order to take up a position in this destination, a work and residence permit is required – contractors will need a local sponsor who also acts as their employer to obtain these.

For professionals who are looking to widen their horizons, overseas contracting can be a fantastic way to see the world. However, it is also vital that individuals ensure that they are compliant with local legislation in their chosen destination. For peace of mind, we strongly recommend partnering with a global expert.

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