Football manager Jose Mourinho found guilty of tax evasion

Friday 28th September 2018

As the global clamp down on tax evaders continues, we are seeing an increasing number of celebrities at the centre of fraud cases. Earlier this year, we wrote about pop singer Shakira who hit the headlines in Spain after being accused of failing to pay her income tax. The latest individual to be named is… [continue reading]

Demand for contractors increases in Italy

Monday 24th September 2018

There’s good news for international agencies which place contractors overseas – new figures show that there are plenty of opportunities to be had by looking at the Italian market. Demand rises for temporary workers The data, which comes from Ebitemp, an organisation which represents associations and unions for temporary workers, shows that demand from Italian… [continue reading]

Danish authorities claw back false tax refunds

Friday 21st September 2018

Here at 6CATS International, we’ve spoken before about the raft of benefits to be had by contractors who opt to work in Denmark. However, it is worth knowing that professionals in this location face an increasingly complex compliance world. One key new development to be aware of is the Danish government’s announcement that it is… [continue reading]

6CATS International shortlisted for Best Customer Service award

Monday 17th September 2018

At 6CATS International, we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding service to the contractors and agencies that we work with. Our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience is evident from the many testimonials that we have been delighted to receive from customers. Advice and partnership We are immensely proud of the vast knowledge that our… [continue reading]

Five places for contractors to experience the best quality of life

Friday 14th September 2018

Contractors really are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing cities to work in which offer an array of great opportunities. However, it might be easier to narrow it down now that The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has published its Global Liveability Index 2018, which outlines the international destinations with the best living conditions…. [continue reading]

The challenges of placing talent in global financial hubs

Monday 10th September 2018

As an international contractor management company, 6CATS knows that agencies which place contingent professionals in developed financial centres, such as Switzerland and Luxembourg, often come up against additional challenges. In fact, our expert insight into these issues was recently featured in The Times’ Raconteur supplement. Here’s what recruiters need to be aware of. Know your… [continue reading]

Contractor opportunities rife in Finland

Friday 7th September 2018

Finland has certainly seen its share of news coverage in recent months as debates rage around the country’s economic future and long term financial stability. However, while these arguments continue there is one undeniable fact: there’s a huge skills shortage in this location – and businesses are turning to international contractors for support. Lack of… [continue reading]

What the global support for whistle-blowers means for recruiters

Tuesday 4th September 2018

There can certainly be no doubt that the international fight against tax fraud is in full swing. As authorities worldwide seek ways to identify and prosecute criminal behaviour, we’re seeing an interesting trend emerge: support for whistle-blowers. In recent months there have been several reports of backing for informants who have brought fraud to light…. [continue reading]