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24th August 2018

When it comes to choosing countries to work in, contingent professionals really are spoiled for choice. As regular readers of our ‘A Contractor’s Guide’ blogs will know, so many destinations provide a great balance of professional opportunities and pastimes to enjoy outside of office hours that it can be hard to pick.

More contingent workers opt for France

However, there’s one place in particular that has seen a noticeably sharp rise in interest from contractors: France. In fact, our data here at 6CATS reveals that, during the period between July 2017 and July 2018, the number of contingent professionals working in the country rose by 24%. If you’ve previously read our guide to contracting in this European destination, you’ll already understand why it holds such appeal, and you’ll also know the key compliance concerns you need to be aware of before working there.

French contracting opportunities

The great news is that there are prospects in a range of sectors within this contracting hotspot. At present, almost half (46%) of contractors are non-French nationals, which indicates that employers in the country are heavily reliant on overseas workers. A look at our data in more detail reveals that businesses in the Energy, IT, Banking & Finance, Pharmaceutical and Telecoms fields are facing particular skills-shortages, meaning demand is strong for contract professionals with expertise in these areas.

What’s more, with the country seeing a new wave of executives take the reins at a number of major companies, experts are predicting that corporate France is set to be reformed. Frank Bournois, Dean of the business school ESCP Europe, says: “The election of Macron alongside this new group of chief executives is very promising. We now have a new generation of people who are more ambitious, energetic and open to risk-taking, which could push France and Europe to innovation and reform.” Consequently, there is likely to be demand for professionals with significant experience in business growth strategies.

Also, while the majority (81%) of contractors are choosing to operate as self-employed workers, 19% are opting for an employed solution. It is therefore important for contingent workers to be clear about their status and ensure that they are complying with local legislation.

There’s no doubt that France is an attractive place to be a contractor, but as international compliance requirements vary across the top destinations, and with legislation becoming increasingly complex, we strongly recommend that contingent workers seek expert advice so that they have peace of mind. Contact the team today to find out how we can help you.


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