The Ten Best Countries for Contractors to Work In

ten best countries for contractors to work in

20th July 2018

For contractors seeking international opportunities, the world really is your oyster. But, if you’re thinking of a change of scenery and want to broaden your experience of other cultures as you earn, where do you start?

Top 10 places for freelancers

According to a recent report, the ten best countries to work in are:

1. Spain

Known for an abundance of sun, sea, sand and sangria, this Mediterranean country is top of the list. The report notes that, while the market is competitive – especially for jobs with higher pay – there are opportunities in virtually every field for those with transferable experience and language skills. Teaching professionals are especially sought-after at the moment.

2. Italy

Italy is famed for its rich culture, fantastic food and stylish residents – multiple appealing points for contractors looking to move abroad. There is currently particular demand from the business world for fluent speakers of Italian.

3. Australia

For most people, Australia conjures up images of a glorious outdoor lifestyle, with the prospect of spending your spare time swimming, barbecuing and exploring. Contractors will find ample office-based working opportunities, too.

4. United States

America has long been considered the land of opportunity and it particularly welcomes highly qualified individuals with fluent English. Professionals are particularly sought to fill positions in healthcare and IT.

5. England

Steeped in culture and richly cosmopolitan, England is also a perfect base from which to explore the rest of the UK and Europe. There’s currently great demand for experts across business, education and media.

6. Mexico

Colourful artwork, cacti and tequila are synonymous with this Spanish-speaking country, but there’s so much more on offer for professionals. Bilingual freelancers in particular will find their skills in high demand across management, engineering and communications.

7. France

France has an international reputation for its fine cuisine and arts. However, there’s another draw for contractors: the report lists the country as offering employees one of the best work/life balances in the world. There are opportunities for French-speaking professionals across various sectors within the country’s big cities.

8. Costa Rica

Home to some of the most stunning natural sights in the world, including rainforests, exotic wildlife and active volcanoes, Costa Rica appeals to lovers of the great outdoors. However, there’s also ample opportunity for education professionals, particularly English Language and TEFL experts.

9. Canada

The stunning mountainous landscape means the country is popular with skiers and lovers of other snow sports. For contractors, French and English language skills are a distinct advantage when applying for jobs in the banking, teaching, media, and telecommunications sectors.

10. China

If you want to experience a totally unique culture, China is bound to appeal. Steeped in history, it will thrill individuals who are looking to immerse themselves in a country with a rich heritage. What’s more, the cost of living is affordable. Contractors can look to international cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai for immense business opportunities.

These are just ten of the countries offering fantastic opportunities to contractors who are looking to broaden their horizons. However, as international laws and regulations vary so much, we strongly recommend that contractors seek compliance advice from a specialist international contractor management company. Contact the team today.


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