Country guide: contracting in France

Contracting in France

11th May 2018

As we continue our tour around the globe, this week we’ve landed in France – a place of rich wines, culinary delicacies and, as recent reports have shown, a wealth of business opportunities. With President Macron now a year into his term, his pledge to reboot the country’s economy appears to be coming to fruition.

Last year, France reported its strongest growth in years as the government’s pro-business agenda drives positivity. In fact, this pace of change has been so quick – with high numbers of new businesses opening up in the country – that some employers are warning that skilled workers are becoming increasingly hard to source.

So where are the opportunities for contractors looking for projects in France and what do you need to know when making this move?

Growth experts in demand

With much of this uptick in business activity and confidence allegedly coming from start-ups, it is very likely that experts with the knowledge and experience of growing successful companies will be in high demand. Indeed, with President Macron promising to make France a ‘nation of start-ups’ and scrapping a wealth tax in order to encourage entrepreneurship, this need for business growth specialists will only continue.

When we take a closer look at the sectors currently performing well, the energy and renewables field presents a number of opportunities. The country has committed to doubling its solar power capacity in the next ten years as it seeks to meet its green energy targets. However, with a dearth of skills in these specialisms, demand for foreign contract professionals is increasing.

Contracting in France, the legalities

For professionals seeking opportunities in the country, there are a number of nuances to be aware of between the French and the UK tax systems, particularly when it comes to clarifying your employment status. Authorities are very particular about the differences between self-employed, employed and those operating under a PSC. In order to avoid any potential fallout of incorrect assessments, contractors need to seek expert advice on their individual circumstances and contracts in order to ensure they are making the correct declarations in the country.

Contractors also need to be aware that, depending on the region of the work, they may need to register their residence. While this isn’t a requirement across the whole country, professionals may be liable should they fail to properly register.

It is clear that France is home to a wealth of opportunities for professionals, but with a complex employment tax system, contractors can certainly benefit from using an expert contractor management organisation. Contact the team today:


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