How to create an efficient compliance programme

efficient compliance programme

30th April 2018

When many recruiters think of compliance there’s a chance that they will use descriptions such as ‘complex’ or ‘time-consuming’ – particularly with the likes of the Criminal Finances Act 2017, IR35 and GDPR adding several more layers to required checks. However, while it can be a nightmare for anyone without experience to navigate, contractor compliance doesn’t need to be overly multifaceted or lengthy.

In fact, with an efficient compliance programme in place, agencies can find the entire process much more pleasant to navigate.

So how can you create an efficient compliance programme?

Plan ahead

Planning is crucial in order to ensure that not only are the right checks made, but also completed well ahead of the placement starting. Naturally, when trying to pin down a deal, a recruiter will be very much focused on securing the placement, with compliance being viewed as the next step in the process.

However, there can be issues that arise during compliance checks which impact the individual’s chances of fulfilling the role. Ideally the process needs to be started as soon as possible to ensure a candidate isn’t being put forward for a role they will ultimately be unable to do.

Use the right resources

No matter how much experience you or your team has, it is crucial to utilise the right resources to ensure the correct checks are carried out and that the contractor is using a solution that is compliant in the destination in question. Having an expert verify this is particularly important at a time when tax laws are being amended and new ones introduced globally as the fight against fraud intensifies.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Finally, while your team is busy getting on with the job at hand, encourage constant internal communications. With your consultants working on different roles across multiple locations and with a range of professionals, they will each be exposed to various information that others may find useful. Encourage your team to share knowledge in order to better ensure any compliance oversights are identified early on.

At 6CATS International our aim is to take the compliance headache away from recruiters and ensure that their contractors are compliant in their chosen destination. Contact the team today to find out more about our international contractor management solutions:


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