Contractor compliance is a top-down issue: get your recruiters up-to-speed

contractor compliance issues

13th April 2018

Owners of agencies that specialise in international contractor placement will undoubtedly know that compliance is crucial. And as we’ve stressed on our blogs in recent months, authorities worldwide are introducing new legislation and penalties in order to clampdown on wrong-doers.

However, for your recruiters, the pressure to secure that placement mixed with the temptation to take the option that puts them in a better light with the contractor – 80% take home pay options, for example – could lead to disaster; and it is the company owners who will feel the pain.

Keep your staff in the loop

The challenge for agency managers (one of many anyway!) is in ensuring that their staff are pointing contractors towards compliant solutions, even if it means careful management of the professional’s expectations in the long run. Proving guidance on how to ensure the contractor chooses a compliant solution can not only help your staff complete the job at hand, but also improve long-term relationships with your database.

Aside from providing regular updates and offering training to ensure your recruiters are aware of the compliance issues affecting them and their contractors, senior teams also need to be keeping on top of what staff are doing. Remember that in most cases (the Criminal Finances Act, for example) simply being unaware of what is taking place in your firm is not deemed a defence, so you will need to keep a close ear to the ground.

Use a contractor compliance expert

Of course, we completely understand that staying on top of international compliance requirements while also monitoring the activity of your recruiters and their contractors is no easy task. That’s what 6CATS International is here for.

We can remove much of this headache for agency owners by providing you with fully compliant, transparent and streamlined contractor management solutions. We have experience in over seventy countries worldwide and in order to really put your mind at rest, we fully indemnify recruitment businesses and end users from any tax compliance liability.


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