Why compliance is the future

recruitment compliance is the future

16th March 2018

In times of uncertainty it can be all too easy to fixate on one issue and ignore some of the often more important concerns. If we think of the world of international contractor placement, for example, most recruiters are likely to have Brexit high up on their priority list for the immediate future.

However, this fixation is not at all useful, particularly when we don’t yet have a clear indication as to what the final deal will look like. Any predictions and plans made now, then, will be completely unhelpful and could potentially have a negative impact on your firm’s growth plans as well as staff motivation.

In our view the UK’s departure from the EU is not the future of global recruitment: compliance is. And it is this vital issue that recruiters need to prioritise.

Why compliance is the priority

Opportunities for contractors are worldwide, not just Europe-based. Recruiters now have the chance to really showcase the fantastic talent we have in this country on a global stage – an opportunity that agencies should capitalise on. However, while agencies can certainly make the most of the chance to extend their reach, there remains the issue of compliance and ensuring that you as an agency, your clients and your contractors are not put at risk by using solutions that just aren’t compliant.

Outside of Europe, tax and employment laws can be complex. The probability of visas being needed is greater and contractors are likely to require more guidance when making a move further afield. And there are, of course, the concerns around suppliers, of ‘grey’ tax structures, who make false claims of compliant solutions.

For recruiters, now is the time to really get to grips with global compliance. Without the intricate knowledge of cross-border tax and employment legislation or the assurance that a partner is offering solutions that really hit the mark, agencies expose themselves to serious financial, reputational and, with the advent of the Criminal Finances Act, criminal risks. Clearly, then, compliance is the word of the future.

It’s not just us though

But compliance is what we do, so of course we would say that, right? Well, it’s not just us.

One recruitment leader who wholeheartedly agrees is Jack Rawcliffe, Managing Director of JDR Energy which places contractors internationally within the oil, gas and power generation markets.

“For us, compliant solutions in-country are absolutely key. We work in some pretty far flung locations such as North and West Africa – Libya being a prime example where we delivered a fully managed repatriation project.  We are also doing a lot of work in the Middle East now that oil prices are stabilising including supporting the commissioning of a power plant –  as well as India, Pakistan, South East Asia and Latin America.”

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