Shakira faces tax evasion charges

Shakira tax evasion euros

6th February 2018

As the global fight against tax evasion continues, it’s almost becoming commonplace to see celebrities named in fraud cases. And while she may have claimed her hips don’t lie, it would appear that singer Shakira’s tax returns do.

Singer accused of tax evasion

According to reports in The Guardian, Spanish judicial authorities are investigating the singer’s tax payments between 2012 and 2015 before she officially moved to Barcelona. It’s alleged that before her official relocation, Shakira lived in the city for three years but didn’t pay Spanish income tax.

The singer’s lawyer has claimed that she’s lived in a variety of locations throughout her career but has ‘fully met the laws of all the jurisdictions where she has resided’. While inquiries are on-going, a result is expected in June and the celebrity has hired auditing firm PwC for the duration of the investigation.

A string of fraud concerns

This is not the first time the singer’s name has appeared in tax evasion news. She was one of those named in the Paradise Papers last year, when it was suggested that a substantial amount of her earnings are being held offshore.

According to the papers, Shakira’s ‘musical assets, intellectual property rights and trademarks were moved to a Maltese company in 2009. This business then increased its capital with a share premium of €31 million once these assets were valued, claiming this money was an ‘interest-free loan agreement’ from a Luxembourg entity also named to Shakira.

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