South African President accused of fraudulent activity

fraudulent activity

8th November 2017

It’s perhaps fair to say that many of us think of tax evaders as rich, powerful people who are capable of getting away with fraudulent activity. And if they can, surely anyone can, right? Of course not. While it’s true that there have been a number of high-profile individuals caught up in tax scandals of late, we certainly wouldn’t say they get away with it. Indeed, even Presidents can face scrutiny.

Fraudulent activity in the headlines (again)

Since becoming the South African President in 2009, Jacob Zuma has faced a number of allegations of misconduct, including questions around his financial activity. The most recent accusations have come in the form of a book written by renowned investigative journalist, Jacques Pauw. The writer claims that Zuma has repeatedly failed to submit a tax return since he came into power, allegedly due to the millions he owes from fringe benefits accrued from upgrades made to his personal property.

While Zuma has denied these claims, stating that he has declared his income to the relevant authorities, his actions have well and truly put him on the radar of the VIP Taxpayer Unit in South Africa.

Just don’t bother

The reality is, no matter how influential the individual or how much money they have to hide behind, evaders will eventually be caught and held to account. While Zuma has certainly faced a number of accusations as President, the fact that he is being called out on his financial activity shows that authorities are watching everyone and will act if they believe any fraudulent behaviour is occurring.

Recruitment firms placing contractors overseas can be certain that their activity will be monitored by authorities from across borders and back home. And given the growing efforts being put into preventing tax evasion, the risk of facing fines or criminal charges is increasing.

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