The happiest places in the world: should you be working there?

28th March 2017

It’s widely known that happy and engaged employees produce better results. In fact recent research from the University of Warwick revealed that content workers are 12 per cent more productive than those who are unhappy. So where are the three happiest places in the world and what opportunities do they present?


Despite the economy being impacted heavily by the oil price crash in 2014, the country has shown signs of growth as it continues to move away from its once heavy reliance on this market. And in spite of its rough times over the past few years, the population of Norway remain upbeat – being crowned the happiest people in the world.  The country has become a front runner in the fields of aquaculture, maritime industries, hydropower, energy, technology and telecommunications – all offering opportunities to contractors.


The country – and particularly its capital Copenhagen – is known for its work-life balance so it comes as no surprise that Denmark is one of the happiest places to live. Opportunities for contractors are plentiful with the industrial, construction, transport and education sectors drawing in huge numbers of international workers each year.


Despite the cold, it’s unsurprising that the country makes the list of happiest destinations given its natural beauty. And despite the banking collapse of 2008, Iceland has recovered thanks, in part, to a more diversified economy which relies less on the financial sector. Manufacturing is by far its largest growth sector which can be attributed to the country’s geothermal and hydroelectric energy sources – all providing opportunities for contractors.

Other countries that made it close to the top of the happiest index include Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands and Canada. All these destinations will clearly appeal to agencies placing contractors overseas – after all who doesn’t want a happy and engaged workforce? If you’re a recruitment company thinking of doing business in any of these destinations it’s vital that you remain compliant with local legislation. Speak to the team today for advice to ensure that you stay on right side of the law.

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