EU MEPs push ahead with proposed tax reforms

8th March 2017

As the global crackdown on tax evasion continues, it’s perhaps no surprise to hear that MEPs within the EU parliament are attempting to push through tax reforms that will, hopefully, prevent anyone from hiding taxable revenue.

European tax reforms

According to reports, measures were voted through at the end of last month that would see member states set up public registries of beneficial owners of companies and trusts that anyone can access. While agreements are yet to be made, the EU parliament is now preparing to begin talks with the EU commission and country representatives to get the backing required to push any changes through.

While there are some that the EU parliament can almost certainly expect to gain support from – Austria, for example, has previously publically stated its backing of full public access to documents – there has also been some resistance.

The argument surrounding the violation of privacy and data laws has, of course, raised its head, with some member states claiming that anyone wishing to view such information will need a legitimate interest.

Why contractors should be vigilant regardless

Of course these reforms are currently uncertain – as are many things across Europe at the moment. However, regardless of what does or doesn’t happen, contractors and the agencies that place them must ensure they keep abreast of changes and, ultimately, stay on the right side of the law.

Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain, change is afoot and will be continuous as the global fight against fraud continues. Speak to our expert team today to find out how we can best help you in this era of uncertainty:

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