The locations to avoid…..for now

23rd March 2017

We’ve written many articles and blogs on the global hotspots for contractors and recruitment businesses.  Earlier this month, for example, we penned an article on the opportunities available for contractors in Ireland. But what about the countries to avoid?  Here are our top destinations you might want to give a wide berth and the reasons why:


Ukraine’s capital city is perhaps best avoided at present. While three years have passed since the Maidan coup d’etat which saw scores of protestors killed, the political and social unrest that this caused has yet to fully die down.  Fears of both domestic violence and terrorism have resulted in the US, for example, advising its residents to avoid the entire country. Perhaps fair to say then that Kiev is not the best place to be thinking of doing business in at the moment

Port au Prince

Ranked 228 (out of 231) in the expatriate quality of living survey, Haiti’s capital is also one to miss. The city has never recovered from the devastating 2010 earthquake and is yet to establish a basic health and education system. Certainly not a wise time to be thinking of relocating to the region.


Just above Port au Prince on the expat quality of living survey, Damascus is not a place you ought to be considering doing business in at the moment. However given the ongoing conflict in Syria you don’t really need us to tell you why!


Once voted as the most unfriendly city in the world, coupled with the thereat of the Putin regime, it’s not entirely surprising that the Russian capital makes our list. Political corruption and bribery levels are high in Moscow so unless you have some sound guidance and a real need to do business here it’s perhaps best left alone.

Countries to avoid change frequently

While it’s safe to say that we won’t be booking a trip to these areas anytime soon, that isn’t to say that if we look at these destinations in months (and I suspect years in some cases) that the picture will be entirely different. You only have to look at Latin America to see just how a country’s fortunes can change. Only a few short years ago, Colombia was known for its drug wars, violence and corruption. Today it is viewed as Latin America’s powerhouse.  If you’re considering doing business abroad, contact us today to see how we can assist.

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