Want to work in an inclusive environment? Try contracting in Norway

8th February 2017

When looking to relocate for work it’s perhaps fair that a contractor will want to feel welcome and included both in and out of the office. For those placing particular emphasis on this, it’s probably worth considering contracting in Norway, which topped the list of inclusive countries in the latest annual Inclusive Growth and Development Report.

Released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) the research ranks countries based on growth, sustainability, inclusion, intergenerational equity and sustainability in order to ascertain how well its wealth increases living standards and improves equality.

Norway apparently topped the list this year due to its commitment and clear policy on inclusiveness over the last five years.


So where else in Europe can contractors expect high levels of inclusion?


  • Luxembourg: Second on the list, the state – which is renowned for its global finance and commerce hub – was recognised for its recent economic progress which has benefitted all citizens relatively equally.
  • Switzerland: Making the top three, Switzerland clearly has a lot to offer, ranging from robust growth and employment levels, to high living standards and good intergenerational equity.
  • Iceland: The country’s focus on driving inclusiveness over the last five years put Iceland fourth overall, but first when it comes to ‘most improved’ location.
  • Denmark: Finishing the top five, this Scandinavian country was highly rated for its social protection system and use of fiscal transfers to correct wealth inequality.
  • Sweden: According to the index, Sweden’s labour-market policies on training and employment assistance make it the sixth most inclusive country.
  • Netherlands: Seventh in the report, the country apparently has low levels of income inequality, making it a popular place to work.

Clearly contracting in Norway – and across Europe – is an exciting option


So if you’re looking for a foreign assignment where you won’t feel like an ‘outsider’ choosing one of the locations above will certainly be beneficial. However, regardless of where in the world you are operating – and how inclusive the country is – it’s crucial that you remain compliant with local tax legislation. Speak to the team today to find out how we can help you in your chosen location:


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