6CATS Launch Party

23rd February 2017

The 6CATS launch party (despite being on the same night as Storm Doris!) was very well attended by the glitterati of the recruitment industry. Star of the show was a ‘human cat’ and a competition was run throughout the evening on twitter for the best photo with her. The location was the ultra-cool McQueen bar in Shoreditch, with DJ Tre keeping the mood upbeat.

Those attending included Russell Clements, Tony Goodwin, Ann Swain, Jack Rawcliffe, Guy Rubin, Tracey Barrett, Graham Palfery-Smith and too many more to mention. Also present was Dave Thomas the owner of CXC Global around the world who had agreed to the management buyout, of the EMEA business, by 6CATS to allow the management team the opportunity to concentrate on recruitment agency business. Michelle Reilly, CEO of 6CATS, made a short speech thanking her team and Dave for making it happen.

All in all a great party and fun for all concerned.

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