Samuel Eto’o faces ten years in jail due to tax fraud – you could be next

28th November 2016

Following our blogs on the various tax scandals of ex-Barcelona players and managers, striker Samuel Eto’o has joined the list of footballers facing charges. With many of his ex-team mates, including Lionel Messi and Neymar, either paying hefty fines or subject to possible prison terms following their own tax fraud charges, it was undoubtedly only a matter of time before authorities caught up with Eto’o.

Another footballer caught up in a tax scandal

According to reports, the footballing star – who is now with Turkish Super Lig side, Antalyaspor – is facing four counts of tax fraud equivalent to almost $4 million during his time at Barcelona between 2006 and 2009. Prosecutors are allegedly demanding that he pay a fine of over $15 million for fraud, with his then agent, Jose Maria Mesalles Mata, also facing a similar fine.

While the investigations are on-going, Eto’o can be forgiven for feeling slightly concerned given the potential further penalties he faces. If found guilty he could serve a prison sentence of up to ten years – much longer than the terms his former team mates faced for similar charges.

This example really does highlight that no one is safe from the law when it comes to tax fraud. While the intricate details of each case of these ex-Barcelona players isn’t fully known – nor can we say with certainty that they or their managers were aware of their wrong-doing at the time – they will face a punishment of some form.

What contractor can learn from Samuel Eto’o

For contractors, these examples truly demonstrate that even once you’ve completed a project or moved on to another country, your tax payment history can still catch you up. If you’ve incorrectly paid taxes, you could be facing hefty fines and potential jail terms, even if it was a genuine error rather than deliberate fraud.

To ensure you remain fully compliant and avoid potential penalties where ever in the world you’re operating, speak to the team today.

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