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This week I had a bit of an issue with my salary. As I had left my last agency and place of work and started my new contract at another council through another agency, the delay in payment of my last week’s salary became a matter of concern to me. I communicated with Karl who provided me with EXCELLENT client service and support. He chased my wages from the agency and kept me updated as it went along. I am very impressed by his support and care to me. I thought I should write a line or two to you for you to know how good he is at his work. I thank him and your firm for being good to me. I hope we will continue our professional relation for as long as I am working in this kind of work. I may add here that in the past at one of the councils, I was forced to switch to one of their ‘ approved ’ umbrella companies. I tried to convince them to let me continue with your firm but they didn’t let me. As soon as I finished contract with that council, I returned back to 6CATS. I hope you will send Karl a word of encouragement too and give him good appraisals.  

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